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Conditions Treated at Huddersfield Physio

If you are in pain, if you are not recovering quickly enough, or if you have experienced a sports injury or then Huddersfield can help you.

Here is a list of the common conditions our physiotherapists regularly treat with excellent success. If you would like to discuss your problem with one of our physiotherapists please feel free to contact us.

Spinal & neck conditions

Our Physiotherapists have experience in treating long standing and recent onset back and neck pain, sciatica, prolapsed disc, trapped nerve and muscle spasm.

Sports injury treatment

Huddersfield physiotherapy can treat sprains and strains to muscles, ligaments and tendons. Our physiotherapists also treat many cartilage problems, Achilles tendonitis and golfers / tennis elbow.

Joint problems

Our physiotherapists can treat arthritis, stiffness, swelling and pain in your joints. We commonly treat problems with ankles, knees, hips, frozen shoulders, elbows and wrists.

Rehabilitation post surgery

Huddersfield Physio can help you following orthopaedic surgery such as joint replacement, spinal surgery, ACL surgery and arthroscopic surgery to the knee or shoulder. Our physiotherapists will help you return to work / sport following injury.

Other conditions treated by physiotherapy

Huddersfield Physio commonly treats whiplash injury from road traffic accidents. Our physiotherapists also regularly work with clients involved in personal injury cases. We can also treat repetitive strain and pain associated with headaches and postural problems.

Biomechanical and gait assessment

We can assess your gait (walking) with our video gait analysis. This can help you if you suffer from; flat feet, knock knees, tendinopathy, ITB syndrome, bunions. These conditions are all indications of biomechanical disorders that can directly lead to pain and dysfunction.

Huddersfield Physio realise that early access to physiotherapy assessment and treatment will assist your recovery from your condition or disorder. Therefore, our physiotherapists aim to keep appointments available for new patients to be seen within 244 hours of referral.

Our physiotherapists have vast experience at treating chronic problems. If you have been having problems for years, our physiotherapists will help you to change lifestyle habits. Our Chartered physiotherapists have an excellent knowledge of the musculoskeletal systems of your body. Therefore, our physiotherapists are able to assess your problem and recommended the most effective course of action.

Huddersfield Physiotherapy pride ourselves on providing effective and quick access to physiotherapy treatment. Huddersfield Physio have good partnerships with local health professionals and facilities. These partnerships ensure we can offer a comprehensive physiotherapy service for our clients. If necessary our physiotherapists can refer you to recommended massage therapists, podiatrists and sports medicine doctors, or for X-rays and MRI scans. If appropriate we can refer to the appropriate surgeons.

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