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Physiotherapy Treatment

Huddersfield Physio are able to offer a wide variety of physiotherapy treatments, our physiotherapists commonly utilise a combination of the following treatments:

Manual Therapy

Our physiotherapists are all experts at manipulation and mobilisation. Our physiotherapists can provide you with treatment of joint, soft tissue and dysfunction by manipulation, mobilisation, massage, stretching, trigger point therapy, and soft tissue release.

Body Control Pilates

Our physiotherapists are trained in Body Control Pilates. This is a special type of Pilates that physiotherapists recommend to help improve your posture and core control. Our physiotherapists can teach Body Control Pilates in a class setting or one to one. Our physiotherapists will aim to restore and correct your movement patterns and posture. We will also look to improve your core strength and control. Body Control Pilates is particularly useful for our patients with back pain.

Exercise Programmes

Our physiotherapist are all experts in exercise prescription. At Huddersfield Physio are treatments sessions always include a home exercise programme that is designed specifically for you. This programme will help you to achieve quicker recovery times and encourage self management.

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Our physiotherapists often are recommended by referring surgeons to provide clients with post operative orthopaedic rehabilitation. Our physiotherapists rehabilitate patients following; spinal and joint surgery.

Postural Re-education

Huddersfield Physio understand that poor posture and poor alignment can aggravate your symptoms. We can use physiotherapy to improve your muscle strength, your function and decrease your pain. This is done by reducing biomechanical stress on your body by correcting and re-educating posture.

Ergonomic Assessment and Advise

Our physiotherapists can provide a range of physiotherapy and ergonomic services to organisations. This includes DSE assessments, work station assessment, manual handling training and back care advice. Many professionals often sit at a poorly positioned work station. This may aggravate their symptoms. Huddersfield Physio is available to provide ergonomic assessments to businesses and individuals at their work place.

Strapping and Tapping

Huddersfield Physio have physiotherapists that work within sports teams and club and are regularly used to strapping a range of joints. They can also use tape to support soft tissue and joint injuries. This will help speed up tissue healing and often is used by sports persons to continue their activity and function with reduced pain.


The treatment of joint and soft tissue disorders utilising ultrasound, mega pulse, inferential and TENS.

Sports injury treatment

Our physiotherapists commonly work with athletes and sport professionals to provide exercise and manual therapy. Our physiotherapists will aim to restore your joint range of movement, muscle strength and function as soon as possible.

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