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What is Physiotherapy?

Huddersfield Physiotherapy provides a variety of different physiotherapy services and types of therapeutic treatment. The treatment provided will be dependent on the nature of your presenting condition.

The goal of physiotherapists is to diagnose and manage musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Physiotherapy is a science that is continually changing with new research and techniques being found all the time. Huddersfield Physio uses the experience of their physiotherapists to assist our clients in achieving optimal outcomes.

Physiotherapist primary aims of are:
  • To diagnose you disorder, condition or problem.
  • Restore the mobility and flexibility of your joint and muscles.
  • Reduce / eliminate your pain.
  • Rehabilitate you to pre-injury function.
  • Prevent your injury reoccurring.
  • Educate you on the most effective ways to look after your body.
Huddersfield Physiotherapy aim is to restore your function and return you back to work and sport as quickly as possible. Our physiotherapists will provide treatment and a detailed exercise regime to prevent recurrence of your problem and condition. Your physiotherapist at Huddersfield Physio will work closely with you to devise an appropriate home exercise programme for you and help you understand and manage your own problem. This is especially important In the treatment of chronic conditions.

The Initial Physiotherapy Assessment

The physiotherapist at Huddersfield Physio will perform a comprehensive and detailed assessment in order to diagnose your disorder or condition and decide on a specific treatment plan meeting your specific needs.

Huddersfield Physiotherapy understand how important the initial assessment of your problem is. For this reason our physiotherapists will spend a minimum of 45 minutes with a patient during the initial assessment. This is solely one on one time. The primary purpose of the initial consultation is to perform a complete and detailed examination of your problem.

The examination at Huddersfield Physiotherapy will involve a subjective assessment. This is where we will discuss your problem with you and ask a series of questions to enable us to understand what structure or source is the reason for your pain. The physiotherapist at Huddersfield Physio will then compete a physical / objective assessment. Here you will be asked to carryout specific movements and undergo numerous tests. This helps our physiotherapist your diagnosis and eliminate other possible sources of pain. This process of detailed diagnosis is called clinical reasoning.

The physiotherapist at Huddersfield Physio will then provide you with an explanation of your diagnosis. Our physiotherapists will tell you what the likely cause of your problem is, in non-medical language that you will understand. Huddersfield Physio will also strive to give you a prognosis or estimate a time frame for your recovery.

The Physiotherapy Treatment Review

Our physiotherapists are specialists in rehabilitation. At Huddersfield Physio the purpose of the Physiotherapy Treatment Review is to:
    1. Determine your response to the initial treatment provided.
    2. Confirm the diagnosis made in your initial physiotherapy assessment.
    3. Progress your physiotherapy treatment.
The physiotherapists at Huddersfield Physio will be able to progress your rehabilitation. Our treatments following initial assessment take 30 minutes. This is also one on one contact time with the physiotherapist that provided your assessment. Physiotherapy treatment will help to improve your function and speed up your healing by using hands-on treatment, electrotherapy and exercise. Physiotherapy treatment provided by Huddersfield Physio will involve primarily hands on manual physiotherapy. Our physiotherapists are experts at hands-on manipulation of joints and soft tissues. They can provided treatment graded to your individual requirements. Electrotherapy, laser, traction, acupuncture and strapping may also be used if considered necessary.

Once you have completed the course of physiotherapy treatment and your condition has resolved, you may receive a follow up call from your physiotherapist to ensure your problem has not reoccurred.

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